Evidenced Based Resources for Teaching Spelling – The Learning Scientists

Note the companion pages on Digital Tools for Students:

Storybird, a tool for writing digital stories is great fun and easy to use. Set up an account (free) – choose your art work and get writing! Students under 13 can sign up with parental permission. Note that teachers can set up class accounts for students of any age. See the details here.
There is a training video available from Russell Stannard’s TeachertrainingVideos site.

One student wrote a ’story’ about sequences and another on vocabulary associated with shapes, a little editing still needed but it made her think about what we had been learning and she was delighted that the illustrator commented.

Several students have written more ’stories’ both about Maths and just for fun.
Two students wrote a story about how we started using Wikispaces.

Learning Today Review
Year 7 thoughts on Storybird

A group of MFL teachers have set up a Wiki with a collection of stories in French, German, Italian and Spanish (note that they have used a Wikispaces wiki).

For more on Digital Story Telling and how it helps students learn – see ‘In Touch’ on ‘The Learning Power of Digital Story Telling

See also the page on Blogs

With Make Beliefs Comix you can create a comic strip in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Latin! This is a very simple site to use and requires no registration. Email the comic to yourself and create a link you can then share with anyone. See this page for teachers and this for Russell Stannard’s training video (part of the TeachertrainingVideos.com site)

Yudu provides a simple way to publish content online. Upload a document and create a page turning publication. It is possible to zoom in on pages. For example see this publication showing sample pages from a Mathematics Wiki. Click on any page to zoom in and out, use the corners to turn the pages.
Shakespeare Collection on Yudu

For a simple way for several users to collaborate on a document simultaneously TitanPad requires no sign-up.
Every user gets their own colour and everyone sees the latest version.
Penzu allows users age 13 and over to keep a journal online. The default setting is private, users can choose to make their content public if they choose; a link can be generated for an entry which can then be shared with others. The free version is intended just for writing, hyperlinks are not possible for example, though it is possible to upload images.

Try it out first before signing up here.

Spelling City allows teachers to set up spelling tests for their classes. The Teachers’ page has instructions for creating spelling lists. Once a test has been created a link can be provided to students to direct them to that test; see for example KS3 Maths spellings. A report and a certificate are provided for the student at the end of the test!

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