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Think of a wiki as a website with a collection of  pages that any of the wiki members can edit; each change is recorded, with every version saved so that if a mistake is made, you can just revert back to a previous version. It is possible to see which users made any changes. Common Craft have a video explaining the idea of a wiki. It is possible to lock individual pages so that members cannot edit them.

This  Teach Web 2.0 wiki is’ a collaborative resource by a group of teachers from around the world and  includes pages on a variety of Web 2.0 tools. (Note this is a Wikispaces wiki – see further information below).

Further ideas:

Interesting Ways to use a Wiki in the Classroom from Tom Barrett’s Interesting Ways series – many suggestions by teachers. (Note that you may need to be logged in to your Google account to see this.)
Wikis – Introduction and Applications

Classroom Uses
Best Practices for your classroom wiki from PBWorks
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Periodic Table Wiki
50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom (Smart
Book Trailers

Year 7 students on Why use a Wiki? and Ideas for using a Wiki .

One possible application of a Wiki is for a set of student journals, each student can have a page or pages each where they can write freely on their learning. Year 7 students on journals online.


Wikispaces provide free wikis for educators.

Students find the features of these wikis easy to learn and use.

Students of any age can use a wiki as teachers can use the User Creator tool to add students without email addresses.

Wikispaces offer many help pages and tutorials. See this tour, also note their YouTube channel and help wiki.

One comment on “Wikis

  1. Great Job Colleen
    I like the way your enthusiasm comes through your comments and wiki. Have a look at for some more ideas about Web 2.0 tools. There is a list of over 700 tools – we usually recommend our own teachers find 10 or 12 that they really feel comfortable using and do them well. Each teacher has their own style and so it can take some time for all your staff to find their special tools for their particular classroom. Good luck, your wiki looks really good.


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