Use Padlet (note that Padlet was formerly called Wallwisher) for online collaborative notice boards.
(Note this blog post from Padlet / Wallwisher on why Wallwisher may be blocked in school).

This  provides a very simple way to gather feedback from students as they do not need to log in. Give them a link and they will be able to add a note easily. For example there are some thoughts here from year 7 on using a Wiki.  It is very simple to create a wall of  examples such as this one used with Year 7 Mathematics students. Students could collaborate to produce a wall of key facts for revision. Here is an example of a History teacher’s wall.

Interesting ways to use Padlet in the classroom from Tom Barrett’s Interesting Ways series – many suggestions by teachers

Ideas for using Padlet – from some Year 7 students

Training Resources from Teacher Training Videos – Russell Stannard

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