Searching For Information

Web Search Strategies in Plain English from Commoncraft

From 21st Century Information Fluency these wizards include an evaluation tool with numerous questions to help students evaluate the accuracy of information online.

When your students research on the Internet, do they always stick to just the basic features of Google?
These lessons have been developed by Google certified teachers.
For alternative tutorials try this Google Guide.
Google Search Features 

Tutorial on Google search.

See Tom Barrett’s Interesting Ways to use Google Search in the Classroom.

Have they looked up a word in a Visual Dictionary?

Have they tried Microsoft’s Bing? They could even try Google and Bing together!

Clusty and Carrot2 both present the main results of a search and also give clusters of results on the left of the page.

To search Flickr for images, try Tag Galaxy

Do your students know where they can find copyright free images?

Here is a search with a difference: The Boolify Project
Note there are some useful lessons here.

If you want to provide students with a collection of links and share those using a single link see the page on Link Collections.

For a page addressed to the students: Research.

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