Richard Byrne’s Free Technology for Teachers

Eric Sheninger on Top 10 Roadblocks to Change

Children and young people’s views on web 2.0 technologies
Rudd, P. and Walker, M. (2010). Children and Young People’s Views on Web 2.0 Technologies
(LGA Research Report). Slough: NFER

Blogs, Wikis, Docs: Which is right for your lesson?
A clear comparison table from Dr Mark Wagner.

Benefits of Collaborative learning Hari Srinivas

Sacha Chua on why we should write things down
and ‘A Teacher’s Guide to Web 2.0 at School’

Teaching News

‘Hand it in’ teaching and ‘Publish it’ teaching from ‘The Innovative Educator’

The Rise of Cloud Computing – Penn Olson

Digital literacy across the curriculum, Digital Participation and Inspired newsletter from Futurelab

Langwitches Blog on technology being about student learning,
empowering students to be lifelong learners
‘It Isn’t the Answer Anymore, It is the Question’
It’s not about the tools it’s about the skills

Enquiring Minds report- innovative approaches to curriculum reform

High Tech Reflection Strategies Make Learning Stick (edutopia)

7 Things You Should Know About … (Note the Learning Technology series)

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

The Innovative Educator

Examples of Using Social Media for Learning from The Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies

Million Futures ideas on future life and learning in the UK

Glossary of the jargon of the online world – Sue Waters

Digzen – site to promote understanding of digital citizenship

If the following Slideshare embeds do not work in your browser, the titles are links which take you directly to the slideshare site.

Sacha Chua on why social networks matter:

Charles Jennings on Informal and Social Learning:

Guillermo Ramírez on the 5 (+1) big mistakes in virtual education:

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