Bloom’s Taxonomy

There are some excellent resources available on the web on Bloom’s Digital taxonomy. This digital version of the taxonomy accounts for the new technologies and the processes and actions associated with them.

This Diigo list has many references, In particular see Andrew Churches’ Wiki which contains extensive resources. His Quick Sheets provide a quick reference and relate Digital Taxonomy Verbs and possible activities to the different taxonomic levels.

This Prezi shows suggestions for Web 2.0 tools relating to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.

(See the Presentations page for further information on Prezi).

Kathy Schrock has created ‘Bloomin’ Google‘ where she has categorised Google tools according to Bloom’s revised taxonomy.

Her blog post explains its origins.

Irena Kay’s ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy – Revised’


2 comments on “Bloom’s Taxonomy

  1. This is such a fantastic resource! It is so nice to find so many resources in one place-very well put together. I am sharing with my colleagues today at a presentation!

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