Writing Mathematics Online

Although this post concerns writing Mathematics – you could of course use these tools for any subject. There are some really useful tools for collaboration here – or some simple tools for pehaps just sharing a diagram.

Mathematics, Learning and Technology

I first wrote a post on the available tools online some considerable time ago and the post has been one of the most popular on this blog since then – time for a revisit and an update.

Something I use a lot. I should explain my requirements – I want tools to communicate Mathematics online, perhaps to give some model solutions or answer students’ questions. Writing mathematics can be a pain (and yes I know about LaTeX). Note that there are various possibilities – sometimes just a static picture is required, sometimes you may want to display how to solve a problem in stages as in my first example here, or perhaps you require a collaborative space. You will also need to consider if you want the examples to be permanent or whether you just want a collaborative space for discussion. A graphics tablet is essential.

There are as always several…

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By Colleen Young

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