Christmas 2013

Some Christmas suggestions: Starting with TES, Christmas resources are available for all subjects and ages, browse for primary or secondaryNote the various search options, if you search by Key Stage you can then search by subject.

Christmas ImagesSuppose you want some Christmas images; do you know how to search for copyright free images? This is the result of a search for Christmas images which are free to use or share. Note that you should still check any attribution requirements and of course it is always courteous to attribute the creator of any image.

You may want to create some art work of your own. Perhaps try these online drawing / art tools.

Storybird - Carmella's Christmas
Storybird – Carmella’s Christmas

Perhaps write your own story with Storybird, there are many lovely Christmas images you can use – just drag your chosen art onto the pages and write your story! (For more on Storybird see this page.)

Christmas fontsIf you are creating any resources yourself you might want to install some Christmas fonts! (shown here: christmas lights,Christmas tree christmas tree and kingthings christmas). Windows users can find instructions on installing fonts here. If you would like some clip art as well you could modify the search mentioned above for images. Note that you can specify the type of image you would like – changing that to clip art gives these results.

Try Padlet – a collaborative online noticeboard where you can invite people to add a sticky note. Note that you can set up your wall so that any comments require moderation.

Try looking up ‘Christmas’ on some of the excellent resources on this vocabulary page. Perhaps try a visual dictionary or look it up in Wordnic. On the subject of vocabulary, why not create some Christmas word clouds?

Nrich - secondary advent calendar

Nrich – secondary advent calendar

You will find a whole collection of advent calendars on Nrich and clearly the year doesn’t matter! Calendars are available for all ages. Note the different themes available – a Sudoku for each day perhaps? Or a tangram? Maybe you want to play a game? 

If you want to create your own advent calendar you could start with this PowerPoint on TES Resources. This has been created for Mathematics but you could easily change the questions and answers to suit any subject or age.

For any Mathematics teachers reading this you will find some mathematical Christmas activities here.

By Colleen Young

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