Evernote is an outstanding application for capturing just about anything you want from wherever you want and finding it again! The Evernote search facility is awesome (here’s why), even when I don’t tag resources all that well, Evernote finds them again! I would recommend it for both teachers and students and have included it on the organisation page of the student version of this site.

Create a note using a phone or any web browser or use a desktop application.

Getting Started:
Windows Desktop   https://evernote.com/evernote/guide/windows/

As a teacher I use Evernote all the time and have a notebook for each class I teach as well as numerous other notebooks. I also use Evernote shared notebooks as a way of sharing information, for example see Mathematics videos, QR codes and very appropriately some Evernote links! Having used a shared notebook to share some useful resources with students at school, some students then created their own accounts.

The free version of Evernote is excellent and more than adequate for millions of users!


4 comments on “Evernote

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  2. I have a Pro account for Evernote, but now am thinking that I could have paid the $20 annual fee for placing audio on my WordPress.com site, and have most of the control and features that Evernote offers… except for the OCR which is run on images, so that you can search on text within those photos. I can set up the WP site to accept postings via email & phone call, and the sites are mobile aware, so it makes it easy to pull up any postings on a phone.

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