Featured Sites


Use this link to create a wiki which is free for educators.
The Wikis page has examples of educational use and shows how to complete the details for creating a free educational wiki on Wikisapces.
There are also links to tutorials. See this wiki for some basic wiki training.

Google Docs

See the Google page for many useful links for teachers.

Wallwisher – online collaborative notice board

See the Wallwisher page for a link to Wallwisher and examples of educational use.


Link to read the story!

The Writing Page includes many useful links including examples from teachers.
There are also links to tutorials.


See the Word Clouds page for further information including many ideas for classroom use.

Bubbl.us mind mapping tool

See the diagrams page.

As an alternative – try SpicyNodes.


Think your ideas through online with Edistorm.
Qualified Academic users
can have one private storm in addition to an unlimited number of solo and public storms.
Note there is a link to Edistorm on the Creativity Page of the Student Digital Tools site.

Try Wolfram Alpha for a new way to investigate Mathematics, Science, Humanities…….

To help always remember the learning first the links on the Bloom’s Taxonomy page provide much food for thought.

The Useful Reading page has links to many useful articles.
For directories of Web 2.0 tools see the Web 2.0 Tools page.

Use other tabs at the top of the page, ‘Research’ for example to explore other information and resources.

By Colleen Young

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