Recent Additions

20th November
Added to the Diagrams page, for an easy way to produce simple mindmaps SpicyNodes can be used by students of any age (with parent / guardian permission). This easy to use site presents just a few nodes at once so information can be clearly presented.

17th November
LinkBunch – a simple way to provide one address for a group of links added to the Link Collections page.

18th September
Moodle for Teachers – An Illustrated Guide by M J Rollins added to the Moodle page.
Click fullscreen on the left for a clearer view. Note the icon beside fullscreen allows alternative views.
Click on any page to zoom in, click again to zoom out.

5th August
Charles Jennings on Informal and Social Learning added to the Useful Reading post

18th July
Million Futures ideas on future life and learning in the UK added to Useful Reading

16th July
AnswerGarden added to the Surveys page.

10th July
Blogs, Wikis, Docs: Which is right for your lesson?
A clear comparison table added to Useful Reading.

Cloverleaf Collaborative wiki added to the Web2.0 Tools page.

105 Wallwisher ideas from Sean Banville’s blog added to the Wallwisher page.

3rd July
Google Apps Education Training Centre added to the Google page.

LiveBinder by prailsback added to the Web2.0 Tools page.

25th June
The Rise of Cloud Computing – Penn Olson
and Benefits of Collaborative learning Hari Srinivas added to Useful Reading

17th June
Russell Stannard – Oxford University Press on using Wordle in the classroom added to the Vocabulary page.

11th June
Jog Educ and Livebinders on the Link Collections page.

By Colleen Young

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